Monday, May 6, 2013

Verbal catch-up

So. Let's see. I need to catch people up on my life. I'll start in March, I guess. I went to Local Presentation Day with our 4-H group and then proceeded to Regionals and on the twenty-fifth of May I'll be going out to Davis for state. I am doing an interpretive reading from Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats (The poems behind the musical Cats), So I am very happy about that.
         I am now Secretary for our 4-H club which is a mixed bag... mostly a blessing. Also I joined my 4-H Relay For Life team (if you should happen to want to support me with a donation you can google Mariposa Relay For Life.... I'm not sure where to go from there. :) ) Relay is from the 18-19 of May and I am working really hard on some crafts for that which I will be selling there... things like totebags and water-bottle holders and purses and stuff.
         I have read lots of books since my last update (some are re-reads....) like Dear Julia (Book review on that later) Zia, Connie Carl At Rainbow Ranch (A better book than it sounds like) and some others. I FOUND MY CAMERA. And I am just so happy. I also found my knife that I got on Christmas and lost THE DAY AFTER. I went to an MCHS concert with JUST MY COUSIN (which was kind of nerve racking at first but turned out just fine) I am reallly into cooking (not, like, french-chef into it but like I will cook [especially bake] whenever I can and I love it,)  I have MORE COOKBOOKS THAN MY MOM (And since I am 13 and she is 38 I am very excited about that),
    We have ducklings (photos oncoming; there are also some on my facebook)  and they are SO CUTE.
 I really like writing short stories (if I come up with some that are good enough I will maaybe post them on my blog -- maybe I'll even start a new blog just for my stories.)
  I recently went on a really incredible trip to the MVTF (Military VBehicle Technology Foundation) armored vehicle museum in Palo Alto. It was great fun. Photos in my photograph catch-up.

    I discovered my new favorite music videos of all time..... Mean by Taylor Swift and Clown Shark by Rhett and Link (my AMAZING favorite internetainment people). Here they are.... (This one is mostly funny+a little terrifying) (And this one is just plain touching)

 Thanks for reading!!!!

Martha K.

The storm

for the past three hours or so it has been non-stop thundering (sometimes like a semi-truck fell on the roof) and lightning-ing and windy and for the past hour or so it has been raining, Here are some pics... Now it's dumping buckets outside.... we really really needed this rain. Praise the Lord!!!

Lightning and our Flag Pole

Please forgive the towel on the fence... this is SERIOUSLY the lightning lighting this up. The sky was just as dark as tin the rest of the pictures.

Aaand my personal favorite.... this is in the same flash as the oen above that illuminated the entire sky.   

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I FOUND MY CAMERA MY CAMERA MY CAMERA!!!  Oh I found my Camera and I am now so happy! And so are you, right? right? because now you get more photos!!!! :) :) :)

also we just got some ducklings so there will be photos of those....

but later. ALL LATER. When I have time to upload sixteen photos. :)