Monday, January 5, 2015

The Dark, chapter 3

So I know it's been two days since I updated, but I was gone all day on Sunday. So here's chapter 3...

Chapter 3
“Oh, my god,” Marie said again. “Oh, my god, I killed him!” She put her hand on the wound in his head, and gasped again. A strange heat was flowing from her spine out to the tips of her fingers, which were placed lightly on Stephen's forehead. She watched in amazement as her brother's temple healed, slowly somehow expanding back out, smoothing his forehead over. Slowly, the boy's eyes opened. He blinked, slowly, and then again, as if he was disoriented.
“What... just happened?” He sat up, and rubbed his temple. “I could swear I was... the voice in my head...” he stopped speaking, looking around wildly as if afraid. “I'm dead, aren't I? I'm dead, and you guys are like my... judgment, or something. Right?” He asked, and the boys burst out into laughter. “Dude, Stephen, are you serious? Marie just... fixed you. You were dead, and she touched your forehead and she... fixed you.” This from Johnny.
“Johnny, what have you been smoking? There is no way that Marie would ever fix me.” Stephen fixed his cold, blue eyes on Marie. “Would you?”
“I didn't... I didn't do it on purpose. I sort of... it was an accident. I didn't know that I could. I've never... had any of this happen before.”
“Any of WHAT?” Stephen looked at my brothers, clearly almost as confused as Marie felt. “What the hell is going on?” Harold volunteered an answer.
“Well, Marie has some superpower, like, super-strength, or something. She kicked you in the head and killed you. Then she touched your forehead and she... she fixed you. I don't know how.”
“Neither do I.” Said Marie, quickly. “I have no idea why any of this is happening. I just... you guys, this is going to sound absolutely crazy, but--”
“Sis, after what just happened, I don't think much is going to sound crazy any more.” Johnny interrupted.
“This might. Just... let me talk, okay? Okay. So, earlier, I went into dad's study.” The boys all leaned a bit closer. The study was nearly taboo for the siblings. “And his wardrobe – remember the wardrobe we were never, ever allowed to touch? - was open. And so, I walked up to it and I looked inside. And there was, literally, nothing.” The boys all sighed, clearly thinking that to be the most anticlimactic ending ever. “Wait, though, I mean literally nothing. No wood at the back of the wardrobe, no dust, no clothes, nothing. Just like... a black hole. In the wardrobe. And I felt this thing, like a vacuum, trying to pull me in. And then there was this minotaur – I know, I told you this was crazy. And he said 'your father sends his regards.' Oh, and he smashed through the wall and jumped out.” Marie's brothers were looking at her like she was nuts.
“Johnny, I take it back,” Stephen said, then looked at Marie. “What have you been smoking, Marie?” Marie sighed.
“I'm telling you the truth. You know what, come here.” Marie stood and walked to the door. “Come and see.” Followed by her brothers, Marie walked down the hall and pushed open the door of the study.
“What the hell...” Marie said in disbelief, as her brothers laughed.
“See, told you it was all crap,” remarked Johnny.

“No!” Marie shouted, staring at the spot in the wall where the hole had been just an hour before.

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